How to view character stats

  • Tap the Avatar on the left corner to access the stats table.
  • Or select the icon below the map on the right corner, then select the Character to view attributes

Besides the basic stats UI, you can select Details for more information

These will affect the character via the equipment's stats. Therefore, it is necessary to understand each class, its strength as well as weakness to create the most effective and appropriate stats

Detailed Stats

  • Max HP: The limited HP of the character.
  • Max Mana: The limited mana of the character.
  • EXP: Character’s EXP points.
  • Spirit: Points to increase character’s skills.
  • Attack (Physical Attack): Damage to the character.
  • Hit: The rate of attack on target.
  • Mcrit: The rate of the damage caused by Mcrit
  • Boldness: The damage caused increases, the damage suffered is reduced.
  • Mcrit (Pcrit):Ignores PDEF when attacking
  • Ghost Flame Level: Increases DMG dealing to monsters.
  • Increasing Mcrit (Pcrit): When the damage caused by Mcrit (Pcrit) increases, Pcrit healing increases.
  • PDEF: Reduces the physical damage.
  • Pcrit Res: Reduces the rate of being Pcrit.
  • MDEF: Reduces the magic damage suffered.
  • Mcrit Res: Reduces the rate of being Mcrit.
  • Evasion: Reduces the chance of being hit
  • Block: Reduces the damage suffered.
  • Aegis Level: Reduces DMKG taken from monsters.
  • Viciousness: Crit rate for players increases.
  • Benevolence: Crit rate reduces.
  • Pugnacity: Increases DMG dealing to other players.
  • Tenacity: Reduces DMG from other players.
  • Damage to [Class name X]: Increases DMG dealing to the X faction.
  • Damage from [Class name X] decreases: Decreases DMG taken from X.
  • Resistance level [skill effect]: Increases the control rate of the corresponding skill effect.
  • Immunity [skill effect]: Reduces the control rate of the corresponding skill effect
  • Skill effects include: Stun, Hypnotize, Silence, Immobilization, Deceleration.