Archer: A class which has single DMG and wide-range DMG, so the points allocation and pet equipment is quite different.
Archer class is very difficult to play in PWM, because of its low HP, weak defense. However, the DMG is terrible and speed of hit n run is very good. Because of long arms, other opponents are difficult to approach

In terms of team work and difficulty, the archer is considered as the most tough to play, and the most difficult to coordinate with other roles in the team.
Build Archer
1. Stats

Archer has high Vit and Dex: Toughness, attack speed. However, the base points are very few => Can choose archer DMG or CONTROL because of the mobility and high speed of the
Basic skills
- Shoot
- Take Aim
- QuickShot:
- Lighning:
In the early stage, palyers just need little money to upgrade the skill points, so we can save money to follow 2 paths:
- Single DMG: Take Aim, Shoot, Quick Shot, Bind Shot
- Wide-range DMG: Volt Fall and Lighning

4. Pet
Try to choose the PATK SS pet if you can find it
When adding points to pets, you should add a lot of VIT (high HP, high DEF) or Dex (high DMG, mobility)
5. Skill Cultivation
There are 2 paths for players to choose and can switch between them
- Sage Archer: Wide-range DMG and have to hit & run.
- Demon Archer: Single DMG but must combine with the team to be protected more.