Leader Madness feature in Perfect World VNG will be unlocked once you reach level 60. This system will allow you to increase your avatar’s stats and thus, become even more stronger. Indeed, you will have the opportunity to unlock new rare equipment’s depending on your rank.

In today’s Article, you will learn about the Leader Madness Feature.


The ranking system allows players to obtain rare in-game items by purchasing them or by obtaining day via the daily missions. Indeed, once you have reached level 60, you will unlock new missions to be performed daily.

 Figure 1: The daily missions guiding a leader madness rank lv60

 Figure 2: In the character’s interface, the player may know the rank of his avatar by looking at the number of stars.


In the Character’s interface, the player will be able to keep track of the amount of reputation needed to reach the next rank.

There are many ways to increase your ranks:

-Equipment: Should the player do not need some of his rare equipment (purple and above category), you can convert them into reputation points needed to advance your ranking. The amount receive will increase with the value of the equipment used.

-Darkness Chapter Seal:  The player also has the opportunity to purchase this item at the Leader Madness Shop. Each Darkness Chapter Seal will increase the avatar’s rank by two.

-Participate to the Mist Holy Landscape, Confederacy & Territory Event: Those daily activities will provide the players with numerous Dark Seal Items. Dark Seals item can yield up to 500 points of reputation.

-The Ancient Book of Demolition item: This Item will allow you to access an instance where you will have to face a boss. Killing it will allow you to gain a small amount of reputation points.

Figure 3: Leader Madness interface

Leader Madness interface

For each Leader Madness rank reached, the player will earn a trophy. A different trophy will be obtained for every new achieved rank. Furthermore, the player will have access to more powerful items each time too that might be purchased at the Leader Madness Shop.

Figure 4: Leader Madness items by rank.

For example, once the players attained Leader Madness rank 8, they will have the opportunity to purchase 3 orange items at the Leader Madness Store at the price of 200,000 gold. These items will be more powerful than the precedent tier but lower than the one of tier 9.

Note: Leader Madness equipment can not be used if your level is too low.

Figure 5: Leader Madness Equipment made from LV. 99 materials

Attention, wearing Leader Madness Equipment will decrease the amount of reputation received. Player should use this gear strategically.

Figure 6: There is a limit of daily reputation point an avatar can receive.


Heroes may only receive a certain amount of experience point per day. Extra EXP will be converted into Primordial Spirit which will be useful later on in game. In order to let younger heroes to catch up with them.

In contrary, Heroes who joined the game recently will receive a buff to increase their level quicker and catch up the older players.


Guilds bring heroes numerous benefits and allows them to participate in daily quests that will allow them to receive experience and useful items.

Other guild benefits are an increase of combat and skills specs, improve bounty and most importantly the opportunity to meet new friends and discover the land of Perfect World.