Cleric plays a supporting role in the team, responsible for the team's HP and buff. This class gives the best support in PVP and PVE battles.

Cleric has a lot of buff skills, damage is quite weak. However, cleric has high HP and high resistance

- Tornado: S
ummons a tornado, dealing 30 Magic DMG to the target after a short charge and slowing down enemies by 30% for 6 seconds. This is a very useful effect. Among many debuffs, Slow is always the most popular and practical effect. This skill has a shorter CD and more convenient. It is very useful in controlling the movement speed of Boss or enemies.
- Thunder: Summons thunder, dealing damage to 4 targets within 6 meters. This skill is not special and is wide-range damage. This is also a high damage Skill. With good effects and good range
- Meditation spell: Special FX buff is ​​very useful to fix the target's HP A useful effect to heal the target’s HP and give a continuous restoration. This is Cleric's first Sub-skill.
- Thunder Chain: Deal damage to targets and enemies within 6 meters. This is an enhanced version of Thunder Chain in the early stage. Increasing damage and usage is not much different
- Five-color symbol: Causes the enemy to sleep for 3 seconds