Before understanding the VULPINE’s PVP skills, we need to get acquainted with the characteristics of this class. Vulpine class has made a unique gameplay: The pet taming mechanism. After a successful taming, the pet will become the assistant in PVP as well as PVE. Pets are divided into 2 types: Physical Attack stats and Magical Attack stats. Because Vulpine itself belongs to magical attack stats, it is better to choose a pet that has magical attack stats.

Besides a human form, Vulpine can also turn into a fox. After turning into a fox, beside owning a new skill set, vulpine's MSPD speed will also increase by 30%. Moreover, 2 different forms are corresponding to 2 unique skill sets, this also makes the Elf class have more plentiful fighting skills in PVP.

For skills, in human form, Vulpine skills are mainly based on ranged skill set, but the ability of MSPD will not be very good, that’s why it is suitable for PVP with tanker squads. After turning into fox status, most of every skill has a variation in speed, and because with the addition of teleport skills, Vulpine’s MSPD is very high, and the erratic position is enough to disturb the enemy's position.

In addition, taming pet is a fairly powerful feature that can also play a good role in PVP. If it's a single PVP, pets can be adjusted to Active or Passive. If it's a large-scale battle like the one in Yiling Valley, it would be better to put pets into GO mode. In addition, when PVP, character must control the Pet to deal more damage.

In addition to the above attack Stats, VULPINE also has 2 other Buff skills, Thorn Armor and Recovery Thorn, both of which can recover from physical damage, but then also have an immediatley recovery effect, lasting for a shorter time.