WIZARD is a class with a mobile skill set. Its skills have wide-range attack, which make wizards the main DPS in a party, but hard to control.

Wizards are human race that can deal a large area of damage, high DPS, but have a very low Health and are often killed first. Wizards usually stand in the middle of a team, and need to be defended by teammates when fighting.

The skill set of the wizard makes the character have to move continuously to deal the highest amount of damage.

In the early stages of the game, wizard needs to try to team up as soon as possible so that the character can level up faster and get more items to increase skills.



Sage Wizard have a lot of damage potential. Their Divine Pyrogram give an additional fire debuff, Glacial Snare has an additional water defense debuff and their Black Ice Dragon gives a significant critical bonus procentage. Sage Wizard also have a higher base magic attack. However, they sacrifice a lot of physical defense and therefore survivability for these small damage bonuses. Sage Force of Will becomes an AOE, even if its range is tiny.


Demon Wizard is strong in breaking the opponent’s team. Its Earth Shell gives an extra 50% Physical Defense. (exactly what you want on a caster class) Three of their main damage skills have decreased casting time, Mountain's Seize has increased range which grants increased utility on the stun. Demon Force of Will has a faster cooldown by two seconds which is also very useful in 1v1 and Mass PK situations. Stone Rain grants a 20% chance for a 5 seconds stun. If its used properly, it can be a huge advantage in any PK situation.