Dear heroes,

After consuming all the skills set of the class, you can decide to follow your own path to conquer the secrets across the continent.

In Perfect World VNG, a series of Sage-Demon skill systems with completely different power and efficiency will help you navigate exactly what you want.




  •         Sage-Demon skill system appears when your character reaches level 69 or above.
  •         Complete Cultivation Quest to unlock Sage-Demon skill.
  •         Each Sage-Demon stage has its own characteristics to adapt each player's play style.
  •         After breakthrough Sage-Demon limit, the skill set will be enhanced.
  •         Each level after level 20, your character get 1 Cultivation point which is use to level up the Sage-Demon skill.
  •         If you feel you have chosen the wrong Sage-Demon path, you can change it by spending 30000 Silver Coins to switch to another path, as well as spending 15000 Gold Coins to restore all skill points allocated to the old path.
  •         Sage-Demon skills have their own unpredictable charm, please consider carefully before stepping on this path.

Upgrade skills