What is a Spiritual point?

The spiritual point IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT in learning skills, the higher the spirit of consumable

To learn more skills.

How to accumulate Spiritual Soints?

  • “Farm" monsters

  • Getting reputation is the best way to accumulate spirit

  • Be online for 120 minutes and receive 5 Spirit Pill (S)

  • Each Petitioner unit - Small will receive 1000 Yuan.

  • Activities receiving Petitioner Petitioner - Small: Fairy of the Ghosts, Paperclip, Rewards for Good and Evil, Duplicates of Truth.

  1. Equipment

  Equipment has 5 types of quality from low to high: white <blue <purple <yellow (golden equipment)  <orange.  Equip people can earn through daily activities such as a foot-cultivation replica, a holy temple sunset, a city of happiness.

Equipment with gold and oranges can be sold on the market for gold coins. Particularly, it is necessary to equip oranges that need to be made from raw materials falling in the sunset at lv59 sanctuary or higher.

Equipment cam includes sunset gear and military equipment (to get the rank of 8 and buy lightning and equip oranges, it takes a pretty large amount of money, but in return, the military equipment is very good). A little advice for you to load or not load is to go for a copy with sunset equipment and sell it because at the beginning of the game it is very valuable so that the gold coin later on a higher set will be much cheaper.

2. Stone mosaic

The stone mosaic is also very important, it increases the number of stats needed.
Stone can be obtained by working as a guild Q, purchased from bound ingots shop.

3. Ancient Mosaic
Ancient mosaics also increase the stats and it is as important as the stone mosaic brothers also need priority, it  can be earned by climbing the tower and buying silver at the shop

4. Strengthen equipment

Empowering equipment as high as possible is easy to spray and quite expensive. At the beginning of the game, everyone tries to get a full set of +5, only weapons on the second day of the game get +8 gifts, full set enhancement at +5 milestones +10 +15 ... also gets a lot of stats but it's pretty hard for everyone to gather stones and pick up each item one by one.

There are 2 types of insurance stones that increase 15% of the success rate and the anti-drop when spraying is available at a separate shop for anti-drop tablets when the higher the spray is, the more expensive the next game, everyone will know better.

5. Book of heaven

Heavenly angel is also increased and quite important, celestial objects from level 3 and above will have skills attached. Each class can choose the right angel to go up. Everyone goes up to save level 1 celestial objects to pair up to level 3 then use. Level 55 will unlock the angel

Angelic can be exchanged in the shop for battlefield points and arena points, or going some activities will drop high level angel


6. Clean up equipment

Equipment cleaning helps people gain br and get the necessary stats for their class to play.

7. Spirits

Spirits are also very important and good at the beginning of the game, if players don't have the charging conditions, they can use Type A. Spirits can earn more by buying from the market or picking them up at the foot tux version, while for the spirit S, on the international version that is loaded with 6000kb will receive the dumpling. The market is expensive, or you can assemble 20 pieces of eggs. In addition, you will also go digging for a museum of tall goods, but it depends on your luck.

Spirit A has the ability to open 3 max skills and s is the default max 3 skills. You can learn 8 more skills for spirits. You can get a max 3skill then force 8 skills into the skill, then follow the class you play but pressed to match. Spirits also have stats like streng dex ... Can be trained to match the character class, this one everyone learns more deeply after the game launch

In addition, the skill level increase. Unlocking the leg level also increases a lot for the character

Guide to get the spirit

Apparently, there is no article to guide how to get CLAUDIO 69 (according to many of you say it is SPORTS). This is extremely important and necessary for you to increase your combat power without spending money (early stage)! Faculty of Science would like to share:

  1. When you click "Artifact"  a table like will appear. Complete the targets and you will receive badges like, CANNOT SELL it, HOLD to have enough numbers to exchange for 07 certificates!

  2. Complete the following objectives to get your certificate:

  1. Strength: Complete paperclip for villa

(Figure 5): This task is quite easy: Click "Event", choose Tab EXP, find the Paperclip for villa quest and complete it 7 times. It's done!

  1. Wisdom: Reach 100 loyalty with 2 friends: Pretty easy: just make friends with 02 (or more) other people, go activities (Cul, Dusk, Phoenix, Monster Massacre, etc.) with them until you reach enough points Loyalty is complete. Or if you want to fast, just buy the Red Thread (Figure 8) in the Mall (Figure 9) for 10 KNB Lock / thread / 50 Loyalty - buying 4 strands is enough kkkk.

  2. Courage: Complete Divine Valley: You must join and complete 5 Divine Valley turns. This activity is available every day and takes place at a fixed time frame. A day can join up to 3 times, taking place from 12AM to 12:45AM every day (12:15 - 12:30 - 12:45). You choose Event, choose Tab EXP and look for Divine Valley activities to join (Figure 11)!

  3. Speed: Complete Monster Massacre 10x: Easy: Choose Event, choose Tab EXP, get the Monster Massacre activity (Figure 13) to join, hit monsters for 10 turns.

  4. Endurance: Complete Stone of Madness: This requires you to go to Guild before you can do it. Select Event, select Tab CONTRIBUTION, select Stone of Madness and follow the request. The guild's little girl Nancy (Figure 15) will ask you to search for these ingredients for her (Figure 16), these days are random, some days request this item, some date requires another. You can ask for the support of other members (up to 3 times), the rest must find it by themselves (buy on Stall or dig and cook). Completion of this will receive a certificate!

  5. Technique: Complete Cultivation Run: This has to party and go 11 times Cultivation. Completing enough turns will be certified!

  6. Valor: Complete Dusk: Eventide: Hey you have to complete 3 turns of Dusk lvl 59 (Figure 19) (1 turn per day). Perhaps this certificate is the most difficult to obtain on a newly opened server because this version is quite difficult, the new server is so the combat power of everyone is still weak, requiring the team to have good coordination (KO AUTO when going to the cave and knowing dodge boss skills) After you achieve all of the above certificates, you will be awarded with GOLDEN KHANH KIM 69. Wish you have fun.