Time & requirement

  • Time: 20:00 – 21:00 every Monday
  • Requirement: Character reaches Lv55.
  • You can register individually or as a team of 3 members.

 How To Play

  • Before the event starts, players come to Archosaur City to meet the Arena Manager – Claudius to register.
  • At 20:00, players can enter the corresponding Arena Lounge to wait, and then find suitable players to form a party of 3 or solo before joining.
  • From 20:10 until the activity ends, players will get free EXP.
  • At 20:15, players will be automatically matched by the system, including: 

        + Bronze: Lv55 - 59
        + Mithril: Lv60 - 79
        + Argentite: Lv80 - 99
        + Platinum: Lv100 - 199

  • During the event, you can enter the map at any time, get Ten Battle and First Win rewards, but if you enter after 20:15, you cannot receive competition points
  • Members of the winning team get a fixed 7 points, members of the losing team get no points
  •  Members of a team that wins multiple games in a row will gain extra points.
  • Defeated twice is considered failed and player will be teleported to the normal group map. In the normal team map, player can continue to fight with others, get First Win reward and Ten Battle reward, but cannot get Battle reward.


- When Arena ends, top 1, 2, 3 of the 4 groups: Bronze, Mithril, Argentite, Platinum will be decided according to the points.
- Top 1, 2, 3 will have more rewards than usual.
- The names of the top 1 of each team will be announced throughout the continent.