Time & requirements

  • Time: 13:00 – 19:30 every Tuesday and Thursday
  • Requirements: 3 or higher Guild members team up for the challenge

 How to play

  • At the beginning of 13:00 - 19:15, the cultivators will be led by the leader to start invading.
  • The chance of invasion is based on the guild activity, the higher the activity the higher the chance.
  • 3 Guild members or higher team up to challenge the Thieves
  • There are 5 challenges per day, after that you can still join but cannot receive reward.
  • If there is still thief who has not been killed within a certain time, part of the Guild Funds will be stolen.
  • The Cultivator Clan Elder will invade the Guild Base at 19:30.
  • After the Cultivator Clan Elder is killed, all members in the Guild Base who cause damage to the Cultivator Clan Elder will get rewards.


Complete event and you can get:

  • Contribution
  • EXP
  • Common Skill Book
  • Advanced Skill Book
  • R2 Equipment
  • Overhaul Gem