Time & requirements

  • Event Time: 10:30 - 23:00 every Monday and Friday
  • A single player or a team can hunt Elite Monsters on the outskirts of the city.
  • The wilderness is very dangerous, need to be carefully considered.

How to play

  • During the event, Elite Monsters with different levels will randomly spawn in the wilderness.
  • Defeated monster will respawn after 1 hour, you can choose the appropriate time to defeat it.
  • Monster will initially be stunned, so it will not attack players, when 10% HP or above is taken away, it will awake and attack players.
  • You can form a team of up to 6 members to defeat monsters.
  • Only 1 team member can receive the reward, carefully not to lose rewards to other players.
  • The higher the Monster level, the more rewards can be obtained. Increased server level will create higher level monsters.
  • After a monster is defeated, it may drop Bounty Order of different levels, you can use Bounty Order to redeem rare items at the Bounty Order store.

Event Reward

Participate in the event to obtain:

  • Bounty Order
  • Soulgem Pack
  • Crafted Soulstone
  • Ancient Scroll
  • Unidentified Eidolon Elixir