Time & Requirements
  •         Event time: Fevery Friday, Saturday, Sunday
  •         Mirage is an extremely challenging dungeon
  •         Monsters in Mirage are empowered by different elements each week


How to play

  •         Player can team up to challenge the Mirage
  •         Each time players pass a Mirage Dungeon, the next two levels will be unlocked
  •         The team leader can choose which level to enter. Only the leader must have unlocked the corresponding level.
  •         You will only receive the rewards after passing a Mirage Dungeon. Your result will be listed in the Rankings
  •         Note: Mirage Dungeon challenging times are limited each day. You can not join the Mirage when reaching the limit.
  •         If you exit unexpectedly during a Mirage battle, even if the team overcomes the challenge, you are considered to lose your turn.


Event reward

You can obtain Challenger Chest containing rare treasures after successfully passing the Mirage

  •         Spirit Pill
  •         Lv.4 Soulstone
  •         R1 Engrave Material
  •         Blessing Stone
  •         Advanced Elf Skill Book
  •         Lv1, Lv2 Sacred Book
  •         Ancient Scroll