Time & requirements

  •         Time: Every 30 minutes from 10:30 - 22:30 every Wednesday, Saturday
  •         Requirement: Lv60 or above characters can team up to join.

How to play

  •         The Five Elements have different levels, the higher the stronger, the better rewards can be claimed for a victory.
  •         Any player may lead a party to challenge Lv.1 Element.
  •         Check your current qualification in the event overview.
  •         Only the leader is required to be qualified to challenge the Elements, members are not required to be qualified
  •         After defeating the Elements, the leader can challenge the next level. The qualifications of other members remain unchanged.
  •         You can still challenge the Elements to increase your qualification level after using up your reward opportunity for the day.
  •         Locations:

o    Level 1-2: Archosaur Outskirts

o    Level 3-4: Dreamweaver Port

o    Level 5-6: City of the Plume

o    Level 7-9: The Great Lake

o    Level 10-12: City of the Lost

o    Level 13-15: Etherblade

o    Level 16-18: The Harshlands

  •         All channels of the map have the same Elements, therefore, there is no need to go to a different channels to find an Element.
  •         When multiple parties are challenging the same Element, it will accept one of the challenges at random. The elements in the battle doesn’t accept any more players. If the party fails, the Element will accept new challengers. If the Element is defeated, level 1-4 Elements may stay and wait for another challenger, while high-level Elements will disappear.


Event rewards
Complete the mission to have chance to obtain:

  •         Sacred Book Shard
  •         Jewelry Casting Tools
  •         Level 1 Sacred Book
  •         Sky Spirit Apricot – Thunder
  •         Sky Spirit Apricot – Heaven
  •         Uniden Love Mirror
  •         Primeval Scroll – Heaven
  •         Primeval Scrolls – Earth
  •         Primeval Scrolls – Human
  •         Eidolon Pill