Time & Requirements

Time: 19:00-21:00 every Wednesday and Friday

Requirements: Guild members go to the Guild Base, the leader of a team of 3 or more members comes to the Diplomat to select the escorting route.

How to play

There are 2 routes: Dangerous and safe.

  • The dangerous route will traverse PK map without killing intent increase, it is easy to be robbed, but escorting successful will gain additional benefits
  • After the leader selects the route, the higher the value of the materials that team members put into the truck, the more rewards the members receive.
  • You need to be careful of the attacks of other players while the truck is moving, if the truck is attacked and loses a certain amount of HP, there will be benefits loss.
  • When the truck arrives safely, the escorting is completed. If the time is over, it is considered to be unsuccessful and a certain amount of deposit will be lost.


Complete the event and you can get:

  • Guild Contribution
  • Silver Coins
  • Pill Powder
  • Ancient Scroll
  • Overhaul Gem