Time & conditions

  •         Time: 20:00 - 20:25 every Wednesday and Thursday
  •         Conditions: Lv55 Player who has a guild can form a team to go to the Guild Territory to find the Guild League NPC to join.
  •         After the registration, the team will be transferred to the lobby waiting for matchmaking with other guilds. The system will display the notice of the start of the next match on the screen. 

How to play

  •         Destroy the enemy team and occupy objectives to gain battle points, the team that achieve 3000 points first or has the higher score will win. In particular, when occupying 1 objective completely, you will gain 10 points every 5 seconds. Each kill of the faction gain 1 point.
  •         In the battlefield, new Primeval Fire and Power Charm will be randomly generated, gaining the Power Charm to receive benefits. Players who destroy Primeval Fire will receive powerful assistance.

Event reward

  •         Each player always receive rewards no matter win or lose.
  •         The guilds of the winning teams receive 10 League points in that week.
  •         The guilds of the losing teams receive 1 League points in that week.
  •         In addition, the guild that gets in the Top 80 of the Guild League Points will be able to join the Territory War.