Create Guild

  •         Require: Character Lv.17 and above.
  •         Cost: 60.000 Gold Coins.
  •         To create Guild, choose the Guild icon on the right corner to open the interface.
  •         Then, choose [Create Guild].
  •         Next, name your Guild, input the Declaration, Symbol... as you like.
  •         Note: Temporarily, the content in the Declaration box cannot contain spaces.
  •         Finally, tap [Create Guild] to finish.
  •         Creating Guild successfully will be granted a Guild Lv.1 with maximum 96 members and special Guild Territory, only for Guild members.

 Request to join Guilds

  •         Character Lv.17 and above can choose the Guild icon on the right corner (similar to the way you creat a Guild).
  •         Then choose your favorite Guild and tap the [Join] button.
  •         Depending on each Guild, you can join freely or wait for approval.

 Guild Activities

An important part of a Guild is Guild activities, where members work together to do unique Quests, as below:

  •         Bandit Battle: defense thieves who claim to be Cultivators and receive rewards 
  •         Guild Quest: complete assigned Quests to build Guild and receive rewards.
  •         Crowd Hero - Spring: Special event, unlocked when Guild has 3 Goddesses or above.
  •         Stone of Madness: Member comes to Guild Territory to donate materials and receive rewards.
  •         Guild League: Form a Group to compete with other Guilds and receive rewards.
  •         Frost Frontier: Special Dungeons with a lot of attractive rewards.
  •         Guild League: Declare war with other Guilds, fight for Territory to receive exclusive and honorable titles.
  •         Guild Beast: Tribute to Divine Beast will increase Guild welfare.
  •         Guild Transportation Escort: participate in escorting to redeem rewards.

Guild Benefits

Guild Benefits bring more benefits as well as rewards, supports from other members... Guild Benefits contain:

  •         Guild Training: Use Contribution and Silver Coins to learn Guild Skill, increase strength.
  •         Living Skill: Living Skills consist of Fishing, Collecting, Cooking, Making Potion, Fortune, Fate. Can use power to collect and make, use Contribution to upgrade Living Skill.
  •         Guild Lucky Money: Every Day from 10:00 to 24:00, members who have joined Guild for more than 2 days can give Lucky Money to each other, and can receive up to 30,000 Gold Coins a day.
  •         Guild Auction: After participating in Dungeon Guild League, Guild League and Frost Frontier, auction items will appear in Guild Auction, members who join the Guild for more than 24 hours are invited to bid. Note: Auction items only appear for Guild in Top 40 Guild League.
  •         Team Up:

o    When forming a team to join a challenge, if there are 4 or more Guildmates in a team, Guildmates will gain 5 Lucky Points.

o    When a team processes Monster Massacre, if there are 4 or more Guildmates in a team, everytime Guildmates finish an event, Guild can gain 15 Guild Fund Points.

o    When a team or group kill the monster in the Prestige area, if there are 5 or more Guildmates in a Team/Group, Prestige for each monster increases by 10%, when there are 10 Guildmates, Prestige for each monster increases by 20%.


Guild Beast

  •         Guild Beast is an effective assistance in City War - Territory War, it can increase Damage, HP, as well as ATK Stats for members, causing difficulty for enemies.
  •         In addition, members should regularly participate in Guild Beast event, tribute resources to foster and upgrade beasts.

 Guild Assistant

  •         During the event Stone Of Madness, if encountering any difficulty, members can ask for help to finish Quest.
  •         Note: can only ask for help 3 times a day.


  •         A place to build supportive constructions for your guild, building more and more high-class buildings will make the Guild more powerful. This feature contains:
  •         Hall Of Events:

o    The higher the Hall level, the more members can join the Guild.

o    Hall Lv1 can recruit up to 96 members, including 2 Deputy Leaders, 4 Officers, 5 Goddesses and a declaration of 1 Territory.

  •         Warehouse: Where resources are stored, the higher the level, the more stored resources
  •         Factory: The Factory produces resources every hour for the Guild, the higher the level, the more resources. Factory Lv1 will automatically generate 600 Guild Funds.
  •         Guild Dungeon: The higher the level of Guild Dungeon, the higher limit for Guild Training.
  •         Guild Flag: The higher the Guild Flag, the more support members will receive when fighting, Guild Flag Lv1 helps members within 20m range increase Max HP by 1%.