In the main UI, players can edit Homestead’s name, view Homestead’s information as its area, level, crafting points and so on...

Players can sit, lay down, and perform other actions in Homestead.

Feature UI (Left to right)

This feature includes:

  •         Construction
  •         Workshop
  •         Tribe
  •         Decoration
  •         Go Home

Construction to upgrade Homestead

Use “Pixie Dust” to upgrade Homestead. Pixie Dust is dropped from Boss and other Dungeons.

Workshop - Craft your own furniture

Ore, Pillet, and Wood Spirit can be used to craft furniture.

How to collect resources

Tribe - Map of other player’s Homestead

Next, welcome to Tribe - the map that leads you to another player’s Homestead. You can pay a visit and also can go camping.

Design your Homestead

Then, it is Decoration - design your own Homestead and show us your creativity.

There are 3 features on the right:

  •         Homestead Activiy, record other player’s activities in your Homestead
  •         Feng Shui includes Pray, Geomancy, Fortune-telling


Homestead Activity

Record player activities in Homestead

Feng Shui feature

Players can use crafting points to produce random Feng Shui stone and inlay on Fortune equipment to strengthen themselves.

Manage Homestead

Allow players to manage/adjust existing Homestead features.

Unlock maps

Players need to buy “Amulet” which costs 120 Gold Coins to unlock more space.