Marriage Feature

Traveling everywhere in the world, it’s hard for a hero to avoid the beauty’s charm. Players can use the marriage feature to marry the beloved, as well as organize wedding party and send the wedding invitation to other players.



Conditions for marriage

  •         Male and female characters level 40 and above.
  •         Affection reachs 1000 points or more.
  •         The marriage feature can be viewed through the Friend UI.
  •         Create a team and go to Mr. Old Moon on the north end of Archosaur city for permission to get married, the team leader must carry the Stamp of Eternity and sufficient Gold Coins.
  •         After the marriage registration is complete, talk to Golden Boy beside Mr. Old Moon to set up a wedding. During the Royal Wedding, players can experience traditional ceremonies such as Cruise Traditional Wedding.


  •         You can customize your wedding decorations and invite up to 40 guests to attend.
  •         The more actively the couple and guests participate in activities, the more blessing they can receive, and therefore the better reward players can get after the wedding. Guests also receive additional rewards for active participation in the ceremony.


How to organize a wedding

  •         Build Crows Bridge:

o    The couple talk to Matchmaker to open the process of building the Crows Bridge, when the progress reachs 1000, players can pass the bridge.

o    Guests who complet the distribution system quest can boost the progress of building the Crows Bridge.

o    Use Gold Ingots to speed up the progress of building Crows Bridge.

  •         Find Embroidery Shoes:

o    The couple talk to Matchmaker to open the process of finding Embroider Shoes. Everyone must find Embroidery Shoes to complete the process.

o    If not able to find the Embroider Shoes, you can talk to Matchmaker and cost Gold Coins to find Embroidery Shoes directly.

  •         Cruise Tour:

o    The couple talk to the Sailor to go on a cruise. Guests can pass the bridge to the main hall and wait for the couple.

o    The couple can talk to the Sailor while on a cruise to throw lucky gifts. Each guest may collect up to 5 gifts per day.

o    Cruise Tour gives a maximum of 150 Wedding Blessing Points.


  •         Ceremony:

o    The couple talk to Lady Bliss to start the ceremony. The ceremony will start once both couple confirm.

o    The guests have to stay in their own circle to keep the ceremony orderly, they will get personal contribution in return.


  •         Banquet:

o    The couple talk to Lady Bliss after the ceremony to hold a banquet. Each type of banquet can be hold for multiple times.

o    Each guest may use up to 5 banquets per wedding, and up to 10 banquets per day.


  •         Prank:

o    During the banquet, players can talk to Miss Fortune to start a Prank.

o    During the Musical Chairs event, players who cannot take a seat will be get out, until there are only 5 players left, the winning player is awarded a personal contribution reward.

o    The maximum Wedding Blessing Points can be gained is 200.


Wedding Blessing Point

  •         Complete the Wedding process to obtain Wedding Blessing Points, Gift Boat. Opening Banquet also get the Wedding Blessing Points.
  •         The higher Wedding Blessing Points, the better reward can be claimed.
  •         Guests who actively participate in the Wedding will receive personal contribution, open Gifts, watch the orderly ceremony, use the Banquet to boost personal contribution.

Personal contribution

        The higher personal contribution, the better reward can be claimed after the wedding.