Balloon Festival Update

New Dungeon: Dragon God (A2-99)

New Dungeon: Seaway Pond (A2-89)

Dungeon from A2-89 & 99 will have a better chance to drop rare item.

New Activity: Balloon Race

The balloon Race opens on Tuesdays. Join alone or with a party of 3. Starts at 20:00; sign up for 1 of 4 matches. Players can only sign up for 1 match at a time. Leaders cannot be changed midway for the party of 3. Pilot the balloon to the destination to win. You can sign up again if you fail.

New System: Morph Eidolon

  • Form a party with 2 members and talk with: Albus (Archosaur city: X244, Z300, Y54)
  • Identitcal Eidolon can be Morphed
  • Eidolon must be level 120 with full exp

10 mins after morphing, the leader of the party can claim the morphed Eidolons together.
Once morphed, an eidolon will have a random star level within a range base on Recast Soulroot rarity. This level will determine the eidolon’s Aptitude caps.

New System: Eidolon Soul Charm
After being Morphed, Eidolon can equip Soul Charm.
The Soul Charm can be Crafted in Crafting function.

New System: Const
Requirement: Level 99

Using Star Stone and Light Tear to Shift or Shimmer const node.

Class Rebalancing

Cleric: Multi Seal: After [Seal of the God] expires, the sealed players' PATK and MATK will decrease by 1.5% for 5 sec. After [Seal of the God] expires, it'll be passed 1 additional time to players within 8m. Once passed to another player, [Seal of the God] no longer reduces targets' damage taken and lasts 2.5 sec.

Soul Hunter: Soul Container: Gain [ensoul] effect. Ensoul: When attacked while Soul Container is active. Inflicts reflects on the attacker

Blade Master: Optimization skill, after using the skill, it will not automatically stop auto path.
Another optimization: 

Nether Invasion 

Nether Invasion now includes Activity Point.
Unpurchased items from Nether Invasion Alliance Auction will not be sent to the World Auction.
Increase drop chance of Nether Charm.
Increase Nether Invasion chest time: 2 mins. During this time all player can receive rewards from the Nether Invasion chest.

Void War

Map optimization: New map added
UI optimized

Activity Optimization

Path of Asura: After the captain registers for this event, all the participants will be automatically registered. During the register period,  if there’s a new participant, the new one will be automatically registered.

Arena: Real-time update ranking.

Guild Escort: After Guild Escort, the captain will receive more rewards.

Spring Safari, Clan Elder: Optimized lag issues.

Exorcist's Trial: Optimized Elite boss, divide it to Elite Monster.

Bounty Hunter: Optimized invite party during the event: Input new title (Bounty Hunter)

Optimized Enhance System

Auto Refine: Unpick Elysium stone as base item, the user must choose the materials.

Item Optimization

Event items for The Great Treasure, Tarot, and Astrolabe. After buying, it will have a button to proceed at the  interface of that event.
Unhidden Love mirrors: Button combine in the last position.

Other Optimization

Skill Hydra Erosion effect: After dying, the effect no longer appears on a character.

Bag: Fast Unlock slot

Soul fuse: Remove UI successes, faster soul fuse.

Returnee buff: Optimized text in Charge interface.