Moon Abyss 3 and Wanliu Market

  1. New map: Riverside

  1. Moon Abyss 3

  1. Elemental trial

  1. New cultivation dungeon and party dungeon

  1. Wanliu market

Requirement: Dragon Finder from Basilisk - Deathkiss

Dailies from 11:00-18:00 and 21:00-23:00 user can

  1. Element soul stone

  1. New system: Valkyrie’s weapon

Only rank weapon item A1-99 and higher can be upgraded

  1. Upgrade Enchant- Engrave

Newly enchant item

  1. Quick transform SoulStone and Glyph

  1. Upgrade Sigil

Condense Sigil

Reroll sigil

Only R3 or above Lord sigil can be condensed

  1. New Eidolon Elixir

  1. New artifact

  1. New Pneuma

  1. Upgrade guild skill