New Skin slot



New const system


New skill for all class



1.          Limit the S/D skills to level 20. Limit skill level to 159.

2.          Optimize Homestead

After updating the Homestead system, the landscape item within Homestead will receive benefits without needing placement. They can enhance Feng Shui and Prosperity. It's important to note that exceeding the effective quantity for each type of landscape will not increase attributes. When the total area of all landscapes surpasses the land area owned by Homestead, the excess portion will also not contribute to attribute enhancement.

An additional feature is introduced: [Homestead Statistics], which aids in quickly understanding the current status of the Gia Viên

3.          Optimize stats system

Introduce an Elemental Mechanism and increase Elemental Critical Strike and Elemental Resistance, enhance Elemental Damage, and Elemental Damage Reduction.

After calculating the enemy's Elemental Critical Strike and Elemental Resistance, the maximum critical strike chance is 70%.

After calculating the enemy's Elemental Resistance and Elemental Critical Strike, the enemy's Elemental Critical Strike can be reduced by a maximum of 5%.

After calculating the increase in Elemental Damage and reduction in the enemy's Elemental Damage Resistance, the maximum Elemental Damage can be increased by up to 300% when not critical striking.

After calculating the reduction in Elemental Damage and increase in the enemy's Elemental Damage Resistance, the maximum Elemental Damage can be reduced by up to 150% when not critical striking.

Optimize the activation mechanism of Elemental Damage. After optimization, Elemental Damage will activate alongside skill execution. The Elemental Damage coefficient for different skills of different elements will be calculated separately.

After activating the Block, the received Elemental Damage will be reduced.

4.          Other optimization

Optimize the automatic pathfinding logic for some quests, addressing the issue of not being able to find the path to the end after automatic battles.

Enhance the display of HP for Summoned Minions in the Black Kraken gameplay mode. After optimization, show the HP ratio.

Optimize the maximum value when purchasing items in the M/A store. After optimization, selecting 'buy maximum' will choose the maximum available quantity.

Optimize the summary interface for the cultivation sub-instance. After optimization, add a 'Challenge Again' button, allowing direct agreement to rematch on the summary page.

Optimize the registration mechanism for Path of Asura. After optimization, clicking 'Cancel Registration' after registration is an individual action. Members will not be canceled from the registration state when the Team Leader cancels.

Optimize the display effectiveness of the Sacred book in the chat. After optimization, the file color will be displayed based on the quality of the Thiên Thư.

Optimize the cooldown time for requesting assistance from Stone of Madness to 10 seconds.

Optimize the display effectiveness of locked Phụ Linh attributes. After optimization, the ingredient list will only show Gold and Orange ingredients containing the selected attribute.

Optimize the display interface for Scroll (Sacred book). After optimization, in the right-hand list of Sacred Book, the default control is placed below.

Optimize the interface operation logic for Eidolon. After optimization, add an 'Exchange Equipment' button, allowing the exchange of different equipment within the Eidolon interface.

The waiting time for retrying after failing in the Arena is 60 seconds.

Add a sliding effect to the weekly calendar interface.

Optimize BR character

Optimize the display effectiveness of the team formation page. After optimization, display the character model on the support team interface with rotation and sliding.

Optimize the display effectiveness of Heaven Fall Tower’s mob nameplate, clarifying the line and monster name.