New class: Occultist

Controls Time and Space with both offensive and supportive skills.

New DIY System

New activity: Mushroom village 

Level: 15

Time: All-day

Introduction: Among us, Perfect World VNG version 

Form a team of 6-12 people to join this event. When matching, users can do single-matching or team-matching. This event is a crossing-server event. The game will start once enough people of 8 are met. If matching takes more than 10 mins or a change of teammate happens, matching will be canceled.

The leader can set up the number of Mushlings and Changelings. The number of resources to upgrade the Village and devour time of Changelings.

Mushlings need to find quest locations on the map, then complete quests to receive Spark Droplets. Mushlings will claim the victory as soon as they’re collected enough Spark Droplets.

If you are a Changeling, try to devour all Mushlings without getting caught. Also, defend yourself in Emergency Meetings and try your best to maintain your disguise till the end. Changelings will claim victory if all the Mushling was devoured.

Emergency Meeting: If a player finds the dead body of the Mushling, this player can call for an Emergency Meeting. Participants will vote to decide who is a Changeling. After that this player will be killed.

Unlock level: Asc2-139

New activity: Class Arena PVP 1v1

Requirement: Lv 55

Time: 20:00-21:00 Monday

Rule and Rewards: 

Players who want to join the Class Arena must sign up in advance. Registration begins 1 hour before the event starts (Sign up between 19:00 – 20:00 )

After the event begins, the system will give each participant a starting tier and points based on the BR ranks of their respective class.

Match Rule:

Qualifiers: 10 rounds in total. Participants are matched against each other by the system based on the point ranking. When matchmaking begins, players must sign up and be in the preparation scene. If a player has signed up but is not in the scene, it will be considered to have lost the match. Qualifiers matchmaking time: 20:02 for the first round. There’s a 2-mins interval between each round. 10 rounds in total.

Finals: The finals adopt a single-elimination format and consist of 5 rounds: Round of 32, Round of 16, Round of 8, semifinals, and finals/3rd places play-offs. Only the finals and the 3rd places playoffs adopt a best-of-3 format. In the other rounds is a best-of-1 format.

For more balanced competition, some special effects will be triggered in matches for certain classes. The detail is in the list below:


Begin a match: DEF and Block bonuses no longer take effect while in beast form

30 sec into a match: Increase dmg done by 50%

60 sec into a match: Increase dmg done by 100%


Begin a match: Decreases healing done by 80%

30 sec into a match: Increase dmg done by 50%

60 sec into a match: Increase dmg done by 100%


15 sec into a match: Show invisible targets, lasting 5 sec.

30 sec into a match: Show invisible targets, lasting 10 sec.

40 sec into a match: Show invisible targets, lasting 10 sec.

60 sec into a match: Show invisible targets, lasting 10 sec.

Points and the tiers:

At the beginning of the event, the system will give each participant a starting tier points (it’ll depend on the system check, based on the user’s BR) During qualifiers, a player will earn or lose points after a win or a defeat. Players with more points and in higher tiers will receive better rewards. There are a total of 6 tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and King (from low to high).


After the qualifiers are over, participants will receive their rewards based on their tier via mail at 20:23. Final rewards will be sent via mail at 21:00 based on the results of the finals


After merging the server, the event data on both servers will be cleared.

New dungeons: 

Cultivation Dungeon A2-129

Party Dungeon A2-139

Group Dungeon A2-129

Group Mirage

Heavenfall tower unlock floor 201-250

New Stall system: Treasure Pavilion

Some items can be sold in the Treasure Pavilion for Gold Tokens.

Spend Gold Tokens to buy rare items with a purchase limit

You can only sell items whose level requirement is the same as or lower than your character level

Available for sale: Lv2-4 Reincarnate Books. Sacred book pages…

New System: Rune

Equipping runes significantly increases your character’s stats. R4 runes also enhance the effect of class skills.

You can preset 3 rune loadouts, each containing different rune combinations, but only one loadout can be applied at a time.

Use the summon function to get various runes.

Normal Summon and Advanced summon consume different items. (Silver ingots and Runeword Stone).

New Pneuma: Enigma

New Artifact: Eightseal Fan

Class Rebalancing: 


Sage [Fireflesh] Gains Fireflesh, increasing dmg done by 1% for 5 sec. This effect stacks up to 3 times. Using [Divine Chi] instantly generates 3 stacks of Fireflesh.

[Drakefire] Increasing dmg done to mobs


Demon [Plumeshel] can only be used on the caster and consumes 50 Chi to enhance the shield effect by 10%. If the caster has less than 50 Chi, the shield effect will only be enhanced by 5%


Sage [True Archer] Increase normal attack, each normal attack bounces one time between targets within 8m

Soul Hunter:

[Soul Cleaver] if the target is a boss or an elite monster, the second attack deals no dmg but has a 50% chance to grant 1 [Soul]