Starfall Crater Update

1.      Unlock level A2-159

New dungeon A2-159

New Party dungeon

New Cultivation dungeon

2.      New activity: Starfall Crater

Every Thursday from 19:15-19:45, you can enter Starfall Crater via the Astral Alchemist in the Guild Base

Server Lv: 109

3.      New Pattern system

Crafting- Pattern system

The pattern in each equipment slot will be unlocked once your character reaches the required level.

Pattern stats will be inherited automatically. All pattern stats are added to your character

4.      New Artifact: Immortal Tablet

5.      New Book of Scripture: Natures Works


6.      New Talisman: Gouchen

7.      New Constellation

8.      New Pneuma

9.      Optimization

·        Class optimization

·        Other optimization

10.   No class rebalancing