Void War

1. New level cap: Asc2-79 

2. Void War 

Event – Silent Land – Void War

Requirement: Void War unlocks when the server has been opened for 142 days.

Win the Supreme Glory in the Silent Land by capturing territories to earn titles and a large amount of Reputation.

Void War: Occurs in the Silent Land, where Regional Alliances fight against each other to capture territories

Event schedule: War Declaration: 04:00-19:00 every Saturday

War: 20:55-21:40 every Saturday

Void War requirement: An alliance can declare war on territories if its guild own at least 1 territory on their server

War declaration: Follows the rule of Territory War 

Alliance Auction: All alliance members can join the auction after Void War is over. 

3. Regional Alliance

Regional Alliance: A regional alliance is formed by guilds from servers in the same bracket. 

4. Nether Invasion

Event – Silent Land – Nether Invasion 

Requirement: Level Asc1-69, and unlock the cross-server world

Time: 20:00-21:00, every other Friday (taking turns with Beast Invasion)

Fight against Alien Soldiers to earn Nether Charm

Deal enough damage in solo or party mode to earn Nether Charms

In Nether Invasion, the ultimate gold is to defeat the Final Boss

Guilds that have dealt high damage to the defeated Final Boss will receive their auction shares.

[Updated Dungeon] 

Group Mirage is a hard dungeon that gives players weekly random prefixes.

Clear the dungeon to unlock the next Mirage. The leader can choose any unlocked floor.

Rewards are earned after a dungeon is cleared, your results will be listed in the ranking

> Group can only enter Mirage Dungeon after member confirmation

> Group Mirage can only be cleared limited times daily

> Exiting mid-way will still cost you an attempt even if your group eventually clears the dungeon

[Upgraded Quest] 

[Upgraded System] 

1. Soulfuse


Soulfuse is only available for R3 equipment or above that’s at least A1-59

Soulfusing R3 equipment costs Universal Units. Soulfusing R4 equipment or above costs Universal Units. For certain levels, R4 materials (mats level is the same as the equipment level)

The Soulfuse level is attached to the slot, so changing equipment won’t affect the Soulfuse level.

Max Soulfuse level is determined by equipment level. Level up equipment to increase max Soulfuse level.

Soulfuse Stats are limited by the equipment level. Stats exceeding their limits will not take effect.

Use the Remold Function to randomize the number of Soulfuse stats and their limit.

Max Soulfuse Stats are determined by equipment level. The higher the equipment level, the higher the Soulfuse stat limits you will get after remold. 

2. Talisman System

Requirement: Level Asc1-79

Fuse Talisman Shards into the corresponding Talismans


[Upgraded system] 

1. Artifact: Sky Shield

Source: Group Mirage 

2. Pneuma: Child of God Wind

Source: Event-Mall (Daily Packs)

3. Pneuma: M. Barbarian

Source: Void War

 [Class Optimization ] 


1. [Snipe] 

Increases damage done to targets over 10m away by 10%, decreases damage done to targets within 5m by 20%; increase Archer skill-range by 5m

[Wingshield] leaves a Wingsigil on the ground, increasing own damage done by 10% within 4m and increasing Cast Speed for [Take Aim] [Voltfall] [Stunbolt], [Voltshot] by 50% for 10 sec.

2. [Wingsigil] Enhances damage boost effect of Wingsigil by 0.4% 

3. [Deadshot] [Stunbolt] can be cast while moving. 

 Soul Hunter

1. [Revived Soul] 

Inflicts [Soul Breach] on allies within 20m and gains [Grotesque] and [Overflowing Soul]

[Soulbreach] Increase PPen and MPen by 5% for 30 mins

2. Cast skill range of Soul Hunter increase 6m to 7m 

3. [Soul Chain] Ensoul: 10% of the damage done by Soul Chain will be converted into your HP, and the ally’s damage done will be increased by an additional 15%

4. Optimize logic auto-battle, can choose Requiem of Soul in Idling System


1. [Multi Seal] After [Seal of the God] expires, the sealed player’s PATK and MATK will decrease by 1.5% for 5 sec. After [Seal of the God] expires, it’ll be passed 1 additional time to players within 8m. Once passed to another player, [Seal of the God] no longer reduces the target’s damage taken and last 2.5 sec

2. Optimize skill logic [Revive] Avoid revive failed

3. Optimize skill logic cast 


1. Monkey King [Quid Pro Quo] Conjures a clone around the target, dealing 180% physical damage. Cast a spell on nearby targets, lowering their MSPD. The clone disappears in 5 sec, stunning the nearby targets. 

2. Siren [Control Removal II) Removes one of your control effects (If any) and recovers 3% of your HP 

3. Optimize training Eidolon system

4. Aeriola:  Chi Depletion sort to Strong – Control type

 [Optimize Homestead] 

1. Optimize Homestead Archeology

2. Optimize Fengshui to open a new map on Archeology 

3. Optimize Homestead Quest 

[Optimize Path of Asura] 

[Optimize Realm War] 

[Optimize Bag] 

You’ll automatically use the checked item types by tapping the “Sort” button on the Bag interface.

Note: Every time you sort your Bag, only items in up to10 Bag slots can be used 

Optimize some item information 

 [Optimize Guild] 

1. Optimize Guild quick apply 

2. Optimize Clan elder event

3. Optimize gameplay Team Building event 

4. New level cap for guild training skill: Increase 30 to 40 

5. Optimize Territory War event

 [Optimize Pneuma] 

 [Optimize Soul Gear ] 

1. 4 L1 Soul Gear BluePrint can be combe to 1 L2 Soul Gear Blue Print 

2. Open craft Soul Gear cap to Asc2-79. 

3. Optimize Soul Gear interface 

4. Optimize Soul Gear Glyph interface

[Optimize Silent Land] 

1. Optimize Map Silent Land and World Map 

2. Requirement join Silent Land, decrease Asc1-140 to Asc1-79. 

[Optimize Dungeon] 

[Optimize Party] 

[Optimize Duo Emote] 

[Optimize Trade System] 

1. Optimize the operation of buying in bulk, if there is not enough money, the system will automatically display a notice to change money.

2. Optimize the display of the maximum amount that can be purchased in the Points Store, after optimizing, when clicking to buy the maximum amount will be based on the existing accumulated points to display the appropriate amount.

    3. Optimize the number of Element Orbs that can be purchased once in the Hero's Order shop, after optimizing the maximum number of Element Orbs that can be purchased in a day will be the maximum amount that can be purchased in 1 time.

    [Optimize Arena] 

    [Optimize Polish Essence Scale] 

    [Other Optimize] 

    • Optimize Crafting item system, Higher chance to get the rare item  (Necklace and Belt)

    • Optimize Circle

    • Optimize Emblem System 

    • Optimize Artifact Archive interface 

    • Optimize Create character. 

    • Optimize Paperclip for Villa event 

    • Optimize Pet of Vulpine 

    • Optimize Friend List 

    • Optimize The Geat Treasure Event

    • Optimize Crudible, new button “All” 

    • Optimize Cultivation Stage

    • Optimize logic Auto-attack: Decrease 2sec to 1sec 

    • Optimize S/D skill 

    • Optimize cross-server chat 

    • Optimize character buff 

    • Optimize change class text and interface 

    • Optimize Artifact Skill

    • Optimize Harley mount (color) 

    • Optimize Perfect voice

    • Optimize Sacred book interface 

    • Optimize Newcomers Gift Interface 

    • Optimize text

    • Optimize Married system and description 

    • Optimize gameplay Pinnacle

    • Optimize Soul Gear interface.

    • Optimize Hero name on the chat channel