World Boss

[New gameplay]

1. Unlock levels A2-109 & 119

2. New party Mirage floor 41-45

3. New group Mirage floor 11-15


[New dungeon]

1. New cultivation dungeon A2-119: Wraith Fact: Demon

2. New party dungeon A2-119: LOS: True

3. New group dungeon A2-109: Frozen Miracle: True


[New Activity] World Boss

World Bosses are most likely to spawn each day in the Sea of Reality, Dragon Wilderness, Windy Meadow, The Harshlands at 14:15, 15:15, 16:15, 17:15, 18:15, 22:15. Announcements are sent out 5 minutes before.

The reward of a World Boss will be given to the party that deals the final blow.

After defeating a World Boss, there is a chance it will leave a chest; which by default belongs to the party that killed it. A time limit will be in effect to open the chest within 10 minutes. If the party doesn’t open the chest within the allotted time, opening it is a free-for-all.

Each World Boss exists for 45 min and will disappear afterward.


[New system]

1. New equipment slot: Astrolabe

Requirement: Level 115 & completed the guide quest to unlock the Astrolabe slot.


[New Content]

1. New Artifact: Calming Bell

2. New Talisman:  Houqing

3. New Sacred Book Scripture: Xinxu


[Optimized content]

1. Optimize the reminder of the cooldown time of the Master and Apprentice’s Teleport Skills.

2. Optimize the description of the effect of Master and Apprentice’s Master Skill.

3. Optimizing events and activities.

5. Optimize the price of the Eidolon Skill Book in Stall. After this update and maintenance, the price of the Eidolon Skill Book will be adjusted. Note: Skill Books that have been on the shelf before the update will not be affected.

6. Optimize the maximum number of stacks of some item, which can be stacked up to 999.

7. Optimize the description and icon of some Sacred Books.

8. Optimize the font color of the Pneuma.

9. Optimize the drop in Path of Five.

10. Optimize the Eidolon description, stall/auction/mall/limited event.