New Class: Soul Hunter

Artifact Sync:

  • Requirement: Level 119 and archive 1 Artifact
  • Instruction:
  • Open Artifact interface > Sync

  • Bronze sync order, Silver Sync Order, Gold Sync Order: Mall
  • Bronze Sync Order: Upgrade Sync Artifact Lvl 1 to Lvl 40
  • Silver Sync Order: Upgrade Sync Artifact Lvl 40 to Lvl 80
  • Gold Sync Order: Upgrade Sync Artifact Lvl 40 to Lvl 80

  • Spend items and Silver Coins to increase Archiving Level.
  • Synchronization may exist between two artifacts.
  • The Sync Level of two synchronized artifacts will automatically increase by 1 when Archiving Level has ben upgraded by 5.
  • Archiving stats and sync stats take effect even when artifacts aren’t equipped.

Territory War:


  • War Declaration: 4:00-19:00 (GMT+7) Every Saturday
  • Preparation: 19:00-20:00 (GMT+7) Every Saturday
  • War: 20:00-21:00 (GMT+7) Every Saturday

New Resource Gameplay:
  • Gather resources and exchange them for combat bonuses. They are three types of resources: Crystal, Ore, Wood. They can be found all over the map. They are shown on the mini-map with corresponding icons after getting near. Some resources can be depleted and some are renewed over time.


New NPC:

  • Barracks: Buy items to enhance and recruit archers.
  • Blacksmith: Buy items to enhance Heroes.
  • Plant: Buy items to enhance Ballista.
  • Temple Of Magic: Buy items to enhance Turret.


Win the supreme glory in this PW by capturing territories which grants titles and a large amount of reputation.

Sacred Book: Scripture

  • Requirement: Level Asc-39 can receive quest Sacred book Scripture on Quest interface
  • Scripture can be exchanged: Realm Store, Heroes Order, Bounty Order Shop.

  • After activated Scripture, open Classics Sacred book interface to collecting and activated scripture stats.

  • Use Scripture items to collect Scriptures.
  • It costs different amount of Sacred Books to combine Scripture. Each volume of Scripture costs different type and mount of Sacred Books.
  • Each successful combination activates one Scripture Stat. Combination sequence does not affect stats activation sequence.
  • After activating all the stats of a Scripture, you may use item: Study Tip to upgrade the Scripture

Polishing Essence:

  • Requirement: Level Asc-60, own 11 Essence Scale level 2. Finish quest chain to receive: Polishing Tip

  • Polishing Tip: Choose Essence Scale. Then tap to “Polish”

  • Consume Mercury Sand and Essence Scale Lv1 to Polishing Essence Scale, when upgrade success, stats will show up

  • Enhance Essence Scale is Mercury Sand (Mall) and Essence Scale (Stall, Aution, Guild Dungeon, Guild League, Territory  War)



  • Success will bonus higher stats than failure when Enhance Essence Scale.
  • Stats of Enhance Essence Scale have limit, if limit reached, can’t gain stats of Essence Scale.
  • Heroes can Enhance Essence Scale 105 times /week.

Charisma Ranking

  • Charisma point get from: Outfit permanent (DYE item contain charisma point), Mount, Flying, Weapon, Headwear.

  • Only the Charisma (granted by skins and DYE) of the current class is calculated
  • Top 3 Charisma Ranking will get rare Title

  • The top 20 will get a rare mount: Dark Reindeer (7D)

  • Note: Final Charisma Ranking is calculated at 4:00 AM (GMT+7) every Monday

Class Skill Rebalancing:
  • Barbarian

     < Swing>1.5 seconds after release, movement speed increased by 30%

  • Assassin
    • 1. Optimize the penetration accuracy of the Assassin, so that the distance of the Assassin's penetration into the target becomes more accurate.

      2. Fix the problem that the blood sucking effect of the Sage Assassin is abnormal.

  • Cleric
    • 1. Increase the damage of “Tempest”by 50%“Withering Aura”by 33%Thunder”by 20%
      2“Kaleidoheal”(Demon Cleric), the damage increase effect has been increased from 3 to 6 seconds.
      3.  “Ruin Hex”(Demon Cleric)skill has a new effect. If the target is a player or petthis skill will gain 5% of the skill’s lifesteal effect.
      4. Fixed the problem that the 10% damage bonus of Demon Cleric Specialization did not take effect.

      5. Fixed the problem that some effects of the“God’s Wrath”did not take effect on teammates

  • Blademaster
    • 1. The number of target affected by the effect of“Chargebolt”has been changed from 1 main target to 3, including main target.

      2. Demon Blademaster“Stormwell”removed damage increase effect,  increased the number of targets and shortened cooldown time
      3. Demon Blademaster“Drakebane”increase the time duration to 10 mins, and reduce the Crit Rate bonus.
      4Demon Blademaster“Flash”remove the “rooted” condition to trigger.

      5Sage Blademaster“Heavy Blow”effect can not be dispelled.
      6 “Drake Bash”the caster gains [Iron Body] effect.

      [Iron Body]: Immune to any control-impairing effect and damage taken reduced by 20% for 2 sec.

      7“Celerity”removes control effect on self, and gains immunity against any control effect within the duration. This skill can still be cast while controlled or unleashing another skill.

      8Increased damage to monsters of “Flamefan”by 25%, “Farstrike”by 10%.

      9Demon Blademaster“Drakeflow”increased effect, for every 1% of life lost, you will get 0.35% damage reduction and 0.3% damage bonus.

  • Vulpine
    • (Fairy balance adjustment)

      1. Each hit of "Nova" can stack 1 layer of "Venom" and "Venom Wound", and "Frost

      ", "Noxious" and "Rainbow Valley Array" can stack 2 layers of "Venom". "And "Venom Wound" layers

      2. Sage Vulpine "Toxi-Stun" reduces the trigger probability and prolongs the stun time, such as the level 10 effect, 20% chance of stun for 0.1 second, changed to 5% chance of stun for 1 second.

      3. The initial damage of the Sage skill "Venoburst" changed from affecting only the main target to all affected targets, but the probability stun effect still only affects the main target.

      4. The 0.1 second stun effect of the Sage "Toxi-Goo" has been changed to a 0.5 second freeze effect.

      5. Increase the damage reduction of the fox form by 20%.

      6. Added a special effect for the Amplify to make it more obvious after the Amplify is successfully released.

      7. Rock Hit, Venoburst, Nova, when there is no trigger effect, the guarantee will add 1 second of stun.

      8. Firefox increases the stun time from 1 second to 3 seconds.

      9. A new effect is added to the Amplify, additional damage will be taken every 5 seconds, and the damage value is 1% of the total damage received in the first 5 seconds.

      10. The "Perceive" skill removes vitality consumption.

      11. The “Amplify“ was changed from a fox form skill to a dual form skill, and “Thornhide” was changed from a dual form skill to a fox form skill.

      12. "Huggles", "Huggles (Silver)", "Moon Rabbit", "Moon Rabbit (Silver)" skill Crushed Armor, "Moon Rabbit (Gold)" skill Crushed Armor II, increase its own disciplinary characteristics, and increase the damage caused to monsters by 12%.

      13. The Flesh Ream bite distance of the "Moon Rabbit (Gold)" has been increased to 4.5 meters. Crit II, with a 2.4% increase in the critical strike chance of teammates within 30 meters.

      14. "Guenhwyvar (Gold)" Swiftness II skill, the movement speed of squad friends within 30 meters increased by 6%, and the Frozen Claws skill with target freezing for 1.1 seconds.

      15. "Guenhwyvar (Gold)," and "Plum Cat (Gold)" Wrath II skill, the attack speed and singing speed of allies within 30 meters increased by 2.5%.

      16. "S-Boobear (Gold)," and "Plum Cat (Gold)" Claw II skill, the damage caused by teammates within 30 meters is increased by 2.5%.

      17. "L-Boobear (Gold)" Hard Skin II, the damage of the teammates within 30 meters is reduced by 2.5%.

      18. "Flying Pig", "Flying Pig (Silver)", "Flying Pig (Gold)", the attack range increased from 8 meters to 15 meters, and "Firephoenix (Gold)" attack range increased from 12 meters to 15 meters.

      19. "Flying Pig (Silver)" Lighting Chain. When attacking, there is a 30% chance to release a chain of lightning, causing massive spell damage to 6 nearby targets.

      20. "Flying Pig (Gold)" Boltcall+. If the target's HP is less than 50%, the damage will be increased by 20%. Lightning Chain II is enhanced. There is a 30% chance to release a chain of lightning when attacking. Inflict massive spell damage on the surrounding 8 targets.

      21. "Hercules", Archfiend Roar additionally enables allies to obtain a shield that can absorb a certain amount of damage for 5 seconds (the damage absorbed by the shield is the damage before reduction). The Magic Skin is enhanced. After the Archfiend Roar, the effect is increased to 70% for 5 seconds, and the damage of the teammates within 30 meters is reduced by 2.5%. The Magic Body comes with a 2.5% increase in the life limit of allies in the team within 30 meters.

      22. "Blazing Phoenix (Gold)" has a new effect on Flesh Ream II skill, which has a 33% chance to remove the buffs on the main target. The trigger rate of the Frost Splash skill has been increased from 11% to 20%, and the movement speed reduction effect has been increased from 20% to 23%. There is a 5% chance to dispel the main target when the Arctic Splash is triggered. The cooldown of the Frost Rebirth skill has been reduced from 60 seconds to 15 seconds.

Other Optimization:

  • Weapon refining FX fixed

  • Input “New” tab on Mall, when have new items on mall, will appear on this tab.
  • Input On/Off Special FX on tab Skin Display Setting

  • Increase eidolon slot from 12 to 18 slots.
  • Quick Fight Eidolon system. Heroes can choose eidolon to quick fighting.


  • Start Auto- Fighting on Spot, after join: Divine Valley, Realm War, Guild League, Territory war.
  • New Cultivation level: Universal (Asc 1-129), Creator (Asc 1-139)
  • Increase achievement rewards level: 6500, 8000, 10000 points.
  • Increase Growth to level Asc 1-139.
  • Increase life skill to 105. 
  • New level of Bounty Hunter: Require level Asc-1 135.

Optimize Realm War:

  • When start battle, all buff will be removed from character.

Optimize Home Stead:

  • Rename Holy Beast.