War of Gods Season I will open on June 20. The Preseason will begin soon, don’t miss out on any information about upcoming battles.


In War of Gods, participating teams will face off against teams from other Realm War brackets on the same stage. Battles will be taking place in a 6-vs-6 format, splitting into preliminary placement matches and playoffs.

The Top 64 teams from each Realm War Bracket will face off against each other in preliminary matches to determine seeding.

The Top 64-seeded teams at the War of Gods event will then compete in the playoffs to determine the final ranking and placement. Top 64 teams have a chance to win titles, Bound Ingots, and other awesome rewards!

S15+17 will be the division B, the S1+9+11 will be the division A.

Two divisions will start the match at the same time.


1. War of Gods date and time:

War of Gods will officially start on June 20. Eligible teams will battle against one another for the top spot.

2. Team Eligibility:

1)Teams must abide by professional limitations (Maximum of 2 players of the same profession on the same team)

2)Teams who do not satisfy the requirements will not have their character details copied onto the War of Gods server, and the team will automatically be deemed disqualified. With no rewards given.

3)Teams who do not meet the requirements can make changes before June 07 to become eligible.

4)Official War of Gods rewards will be sent in 7 working days after June 20

5)Data synchronization will not affect War of Gods.

3. Character transfer time:

Character data will be copied and ported over on June 08 during maintenance time. Please make last-minute adjustments to the battle rating and prepare the necessary elixirs and potions before this time.


We will determine the participating teams for this WOG based on the team rankings after the end of the Realm War on May 21. Players of the top 64 teams of the Realm War on each server will qualify. Your team for WoG will be based on the team of the next Realm War season (starting May 28)

*Please do note to create a team that is legit based on the “Team Eligibility” above*


On June 08, during maintenance time, the system will automatically copy eligible team data over to the War of Gods server.

[We suggest players adjust their accounts accordingly before June 08. Ensuring that the account is ready and tuned as well as having prepared potions and elixirs.]

JUNE 15 to JUNE 19

War of Gods server will open, and players can enter the server to check and confirm if character data is correct. If there are any errors, please contact customer service.


War of Gods Season I starts.


Eligible War of Gods teams will automatically register for the War of Gods tournament after players log onto the War of Gods server.

IMPORTANT NOTICE (applied to WoG server):

1. During War of Gods, the following functions will be closed but do not affect the current Battle Rating:

Disabled character creation

Disabled top-up function

Disabled Market, Stall, Auction, Store, Mall

Disabled ability to purchase skins

Disabled name change on character and team

Disabled Guild training

Disabled Plaza and Tribe Market

Disabled any function normally disabled during Realm Wars

Disabled ability to Pray or Refine

Disabled Eidolon aptitude rerolling

Disabled ability to leave team/create team function

Disabled ability to class change

Disabled ability to reincarnate

Disabled Homestead

Disabled Soul gear

Disabled Engraving

Disabled Essence Scale polishing

Disabled Enchantment

Disabled Emblem

Disabled Soulfuse

Disabled Star Devour and Stargaze

Disabled Const.

Disabled Pattern

2. Homestead related:

While the War of Gods is ongoing, players will not be able to create homesteads, and will not be able to pray. However, geomancy stats provided by homestead fortune equipment will remain effective and not affect account stats. Please adjust your character ahead of time.

3. Seeding/placement information:

If several teams have the same points after all 10 preliminary battles, seeding/placement will be determined in order of which team finished all 10 battles first, from earliest to the latest fashion.

All teams will start with the same number of points regardless of the previous Realm Wars ranking. Playoffs will take the Top 64 teams after preliminaries are over.

4. Account protection and internet connection.

Participating in War of Gods will not affect data on the character’s initial server. However, any skin rewards, equipment, account stealing, or account deletion will not be recovered by the support team. Please take care of your account.

Please make sure you also have a stable internet connection during the War of Gods tournament, if you disconnect, there will not be a rematch for your specific team.


Rewards will be given to players after the WoG tournament according to final placement after playoffs for unique and abundant rewards. Not only are there rare titles to be earned, but also lots of Bound Ingots to be distributed. Only participants can receive rewards!

Please note:

1) Equipment stats from equipment rewards will be adjusted to character profession. Cleric, Wizard, Vulpine, Soulhunter, and Occultists will receive Matack stats on equipment. Barbarian, Blademaster, Archer, Assassin, and Blade Soul will receive Patack stats on equipment.

2) Champions, Runner up, 3rd place, and 4th place titles will be viewable in-game as a special title. Other titles will be plain text titles; effective for 90 days until the following WoG season.