New discount fashion: Dark/Holy Angel and Holy Angel H

Available time: After maintenance -> October 13 (GMT+8)
Discount time: After maintenance -> October 09 (GMT+8)

NOTE: Equip this Aerogear under Skins > Flying.
        +110 Charisma after acquiring this skin.

New Package: Lucky Element Orb Box

Available time: After maintenance -> 11:59 PM October 13 (GMT+8)
Limit: 16
Opening this will grant you 10-20 Elemental Orb.

Note: All items are bound.

New Package: Lucky Study Tip Box

Available time: After maintenance -> 11:59 PM October 13 (GMT+8)
Limit: 16

Opening this box will grant you 10-20 Study Tip.

Note: All items obtained are bound.

New Package: Blazefruit Pack
Available time: After maintenance -> 11:59 PM October 13 (GMT+8)
Limit: 50 daily

Here's what you can get from the package:
  • Lv.2 Soulstone Selection Pack x2 
  • Lv3 Soulstone Selection Pack x1 
  • Lv.3 Dark Sigil x10
  • Blessing Stone x1
  • Lv.8 Soulstone Selection

Guaranteed Blazefruit upon opening this item 5 times. 
Open a Soulstone Selection Pack to choose from any Soulstone of the corresponding level that’s used in crafting Morphfruit. 

Recharge Gift
Available time: October 07 -> October 10 (GMT+8)
Resets daily
The rewards will be reset the next

The Great Treasure
Available time: October 07 -> October 09 (GMT+8)

Spend Treasure Orders to play Treasure Hunt and earn a bounty each time. Earn 10 points from each Treasure Hunt. Earn the required number of points to collect the corresponding rewards.

With enough bounty, claim the Great Treasure S-Box and get a chance to get 1 of the following:
  • Universe Book Shard x1
  • Insight Mirror Shard x1
  • Life & Death Shard x1
  • Pied Piper Shard x1
  • Fortune Zongizi Shard x1
  • Sprit Mirror Shard x1
10 Shards can be combined into 1 artifact of the corresponding type.

You can claim other awesome items as well!

>Points are NOT shared between different maps. All points will be cleared after the event is over.
>Treasure Orders can only be used during the event period.

Available time: October 10 -> October 13 (GMT+8)
New Scripture: Nine Provinces

Spend Divination Crystals to flip cards and earn points. Points can be used to redeem items in Exchange Store.